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The heat is really unbearable these past few weeks and I decided to wore a  very simple white t-shirt yet so refreshing with dreamcatcher and lovely owl details. Plus I wore oh-so-comfy Yves shoes and my ever bestfriend denim to cover up from the cruel heat. This outfit help me to play under the sun because we had a parade for the opening of KURITON SERIES: Lakaw  para sa sining sa Sorsogon, a community arts project. My dear readers spent your summer productively. Enjoy!

                                                   always, ~gerd


                                                  Outfit Details:

  •                              ♡ dreamcatcher shirt (boyfies gift)
  •                              ♡ denim (Street Code)
  •                              ♡ Yves flat shoes (Natasha)
  •                              ♡ skull statement bracelet (Metro)
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